Fall Line Analytics performs a wide array of analytical services for many kinds of businesses, campaigns, agencies, and organizations.  From polling to high-end statistical analyses, please see below for the specific kinds of services Fall Line offers.  All research is is unique to the client - we work directly with you to make sure you have all of your important questions answered.

Political Campaigns

  • Opinion research and polling
  • Advanced poll analysis (including multivariate analyses)
  • Focus groups
  • Mapping demographics, registration data, or poll results
  • Detailed quantitative research of past elections
  • Walk and mailing lists formatted to meet YOUR needs
  • Voter outreach and microtargeting
  • Demographic research for any geography
  • Poll and electorate sampling and stratification
  • Geocoding voter or donor addresses

Government Agencies

  • Constituent and employee surveys
  • Workforce and client demographics
  • Price-point analysis
  • Public policy research
  • Voter and constituent outreach
  • Internal database automation and analysis
  • Data utilization and best practices consulting
  • Economic development consulting


  • Phone, mail, or online surveys
  • Advanced segmentation/demographic analysis of your customer base
  • Examination of third-party data sources (like the US Census) to research potential markets
  • Mapping your geographic data to more easily see important trends
  • Data-driven public affairs research and strategy
  • Price-point analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Store site location
  • Store and employee statistics


  • Creation and analysis of member surveys
  • Membership profiling
  • Statistical and demographics analysis of membership database
  • Research and graphics for your annual report or grant application
  • Demographic analysis of service areas
  • Researching new service areas